Graphic: Johanna Moyses

LaLaLa - Überall Musik!

Children's concert for the whole family
with Rina Kaçinari, Özlem Bulut and Sakina Teyna

Saturday, 13th April 2024, 3pm
Stand 129, Viktor-Adler-Markt 129, Vienna
Free donation (registration required)

The universe, infinite, holds corners and places that may remain unfamiliar to us all. Yet, in this boundless diversity, we find connection, as each element contributes to shaping the whole - much like the sounds in music. Immerse yourself in the world of the LaLaLa Children's Concert with Rina Kaçinari, Özlem Bulut, and Sakina Teyna, and embark on this adventurous musical journey together.

Each artist contributes her own notes and, with her charismatic voice and instruments such as cello, guitar, cajon, and daf, creates a multilingual exploration. From jazz to classical, avant-garde, and traditional to pop, as well as sounds from their homeland – be there to experience it!

For the first time in this ensemble, the three in Vienna living musicians present their original compositions about life, love, and everyday life to the stage for the entire family.

Please note that there is a limit of 45 attendees for this event. Therefore, registration is required at 

An event by kulturen in bewegung in cooperation with Stand 129.

Artists' biographies

Born in Prishtina (Kosovo) into a family of musicians, Rina Kaçinari studied cello at the Music Academy Zagreb and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. She worked as an orchestral musician at the State Opera Maribor and has been living as a freelance musician in Vienna since 2006. Rina gained recognition through the duo Catch-Pop String-Strong and now performs solo and collaborates with various musicians and bands. As a theater musician, she has played at renowned theaters in Austria, and her compositions, accompanied by her vocals, traverse the realms of jazz, tango, pop, world music, and the underground scene. In addition, she is engaged in educational activities, offering workshops both nationally and internationally for all age groups.

Özlem Bulut, with captivating stage presence, forges a unique connection between folk and pop as an opera and jazz singer. Born in Eastern Anatolia, she has paved an impressive path from her beginnings as a street musician to engagements at opera houses such as the Vienna State Opera and Opéra Bastille in Paris. Since 2008, she has been shaping the world music scene with her own project, blending elements of Anatolian and Oriental music with jazz, pop, and soul. Özlem's debut album, "Bulut," carries the essence of clouds, as "Bulut" means in Turkish. The poignant lyrics, often composed in her native Turkish, address contemporary societal issues, from child marriage to a life without identification. Her artistic contributions were honored with the Mia Award in 2012.

Sakina Teyna, a Kurdish singer, served as a vocalist in the Center for Kurdish Culture and Art in Istanbul from 1991. As a political refugee, she arrived in Austria in 2006 and founded the jazz band Sakina & Friends in 2015. She has released multiple albums and performed numerous international concerts. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she advocates for women's and human rights. Through her music, she aims to make the richness of diverse cultures and languages tangible.