Mercy on the moon station

Little Show Online
Lalala - Concerts for kids

Premiere: Sunday, December 19 2021, 15.00
Online - YouTube and Facebook

The Little Shows are about the journey of Mercy*, who is always ready to have adventures and inspires us to equate fantasy and reality. In past episodes, Mercy* has taught us that she can navigate through different dimensions and time with the help of breathing. She has taught us the importance of taking a breath and has connected with the fantasy of traveling through space and meeting different friends.

In the first episode, we meet Big Mouth and Augenilia, her friends* who help her travel without limits. In the second episode we get to know the mysterious pink house, the house where Mercy* lives. She discovers that the house is a portal to the bottom of the sea and meets all the characters that live there (Constelacion, Sounds me, Agua Viva, Terran and Terraine. They manifest themselves whenever we understand the importance of listening). We are also guided by their ancestor, the time-traveling Aunt Ale.

We return and Mercy* is in an in-between space, somewhere, in some time, in a space station on the moon. She brings special guests to talk to them about creativity and the meaning of exchange. She navigates spaces that function as bridges, bridges of experience in a cosmic dance. Her thoughts always circle in many different worlds that she wants to share with others!


Director: Marissa Lôbo
Screenplay Marissa Lôbo and Daniela Sea
Camera and editing: Christian Schratt
Procuktion, logistics: Juan Gonzalez
Costumes and art design: Noemi Auer

Performances: Mercy Adighibe as Mercy*, Maanila, Pati, Salty Fries, Cortina, Maria Herold

Music: Title song ‘The Sound of Sound’ from Daniela Sea
Recorded by Philipp Conrad @ SkyStudio
Roby Ster on the drums
Scallio on the bass