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W1ZE is an emerging artist and singer from Zimbabwe living in Vienna. She has created her own standards for her genre-crossing music, just as she has for her life.
“To conform” is something you will not find the upcoming singer known as W1ZE doing anytime soon or better said never. The young Zimbabwean has arrived to show us that you don’t really have to conform to anyone’s standards but your own.
At the age of 16 she started recording herself on her phone. What started out as curiosity and fun quickly turned into a desire.

During a period of time W1ZE struggled to find a genre to call her own, her influences varied from Chaka Khan and Prince to Beyoncé and FKA Twigs. She loves experimenting with sounds and melodies, including different elements that are enchanting and colorful.
Describing her music as chameleonic might sound mystifying at first but taking a closer look into the artists roots you will quickly realize that owning your identity while giving yourself enough space to be as diverse as possible is very important to W1ZE. With a mix of Zimbabwean, German, Indian and Malaysian her art reflects her identity.

Besides her passion for music W1ZE aspires to play a big role regarding inclusivity in the music industry. “Accepting yourself is the hardest yet the most crucial step after that the rest will follow”, the singer proclaims.

Live at fem*friday #14