Women* of Color speak up! Throwback

Killjoy of your clichés
Panel / Clišhé Träsh Warm-up

with inputs from Amani Abuzahra, Weina Zhao and dj bàwo aka Henrie Dennis
- curated by Asma Aiad

14.09.2023 , Brick 15, Vienna

Thank you for your participation! Special thanks to moderator @arasyems.art, panelists Amani Abuzahra, Weina Zhao, dj bàwo aka Henrie Dennis, photographer Imen Bousnina and of course Asma Aiad for organizing this important event: "Women* of Color speak up! Killjoy of your clichés".

What do Women*of Color themselves have to say about this? Where do these images come from? What effects do they have on the self-image of women* of color and their perception by society? What can spaces of solidarity look like? What does an intersectional feminism look like?Together with activists, artists and initiatives from different communities, we want to address topics that are uncomfortable and make demands that should be taken seriously.

This event was a warm-up event for the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH Festival on October 6 and 7, 2023 at Brotfabrik Vienna and was curated by a Asma Aiad (forum member).