Women* of Color speak up!

Killjoy of your clichés
Panel / Clišhé Träsh Warm-up

with inputs from Amani Abuzahra, Weina Zhao 
und dj bàwo aka Henrie Dennis
- curated by Asma Aiad

Thu., 14.09.2023  
Doors open: 17:00, Begin: 17:30

Brick 15, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Vienna
Free entry!

The image that our society has of women* of color is often characterized by stereotypes, prejudices and clichés. This creates homogenous images of women* under which many women*of color suffer. Whether through movies & TV shows, magazines, social media, or even art, the portrayals often remain characterized by exoticism, oppression and so to say one-dimensional view. The art and culture scene as well as its institutions in Austria are not spared from this.

What do Women*of Color themselves have to say about this? Where do these images come from? What effects do they have on the self-image of women* of color and their perception by society? What can spaces of solidarity look like? What does an intersectional feminism look like?Together with activists, artists and initiatives from different communities, we want to address topics that are uncomfortable and make demands that should be taken seriously.

This event is a warm-up event for the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH Festival on October 6 and 7, 2023 at Brotfabrik Vienna. The events will each be curated by a forum member and will deal with clichés and stereotypes in a humorous and ironic way. Our goal is to uncover the structures behind them and, at best, to destroy them.



Amani Abuzahra is a PhD philosopher, author and public speaker. She is one of the best-known speakers on the topic of anti-Muslim racism. Her recent book, "Ein Ort namens Wut. Die emotionale Landkarte der Marginalisierten und was Rassismus mit Gefühlen macht" addresses the topic of emotions, racism, and how anger can lead to change.
Whether on TV, at conferences, in her publications, or in community work, her approach is to deconstruct and empower people. Her research and speaking engagements have taken her to the U.S., Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the universities of Istanbul and Eskişehir, among others. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Sigmund Freud University Vienna.

dj bàwo aka Henrie Dennis is a lesbian Nigerian aRCtivist, curator and cultural mediator with a focus on queer, gender, anti-racist and decolonial practices. She uses music as one of the channels to celebrate her multiple layers of identity

Weina Zhao, filmmaker, author, sinologist. Co-founder of Perilla and the association Gewächshaus, an initiative to promote BIPOCs in the German-speaking film industry. 
PERILLA is an association by and for people who feel they belong to the Asian diaspora in Austria and no longer want to be invisible and silent. Perilla publishes the eponymous zine since 2021, hosts writing sessions, concerts and the project WANDAPANDA & TIGER, a mobile archive in the form of a bicycle cargo trailer with readings, film screenings, performances and concerts.