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Fem*Friday Night

Online Show:

Freitag, 21. Mai 2021, 21:21 Uhr

Tushi Polo, Tony Renaissance, Mala Herba, Ironica Los Culos and Touched as Octopus will come together in a digital club on May 21.

The artists will experiment with different forms such as musical performance, skill sharing, visuals and artist talk, as well as scenarios and performative figures. The whole thing will oscillate between entertainment and manifesto, between stage and workshop where skills are shared - between strengthening a scene and creating networks.

to watch on youtube May, 21. 21:21


Tushi Polo is a Ugandan Recording and performing Rap artist, singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur with the purpose of radiating love, equality and empowerment through her music. With the fusion of hip-hop and afro-soul added to her versatility, she has been able to work with a variety of local and international artists on different projects like Amadinda Sound System, Byg Ben, Tucker HD, Play One and J Wats which was awarded as the collaboration of the year in the MTN UG hip hop awards 2020. She also has solo projects like kajanja, Mpita Tushi, kekaseera which got her nominated for lyricist and female rapper of the year in the same Awards and She's currently working on an EP album that's yet to be released.

TONY Renaissance

Tony Renaissance is a musician and artist whose work centers on radical soft explorations of sound, vocals and images with a big crush on experimental pop. As founder of the music label Tender Matter, co-founder of the event series The Future and member of the Sounds Queer? collective they are promoting and highlighting the work of queer and gender nonconforming artists in electronic music.
Tony Renaissance’s liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia. Their instrumentations are playful: here an angelic voice slips over somber beats and mystical sound-collages, a dizzy synthesizer pulses with the possibilities of an orchestral underscore. (Sophie Strohmeier)

MALA Herba

Mala Herba  is  a  solo  project  of  sound  artist  and  queer  music activist Zosia Hołubowska. Based on traditional music, magic, and demonology of  Eastern Europe,  Mala  Herba's  performances are sonic rituals. The music draws from dark wave and minimal synth-wave but sometimes the melody cracks,  the voice becomes a magic spell and the song transforms into a noise soundscape. Polyrhythmic pulsations are stacked on top layers of harsh noiseand processed archival samples and then arpeggiated bass kicksin again and the music oscillates between haunted italo-disco and EBM. After being featured on compilations by labels such as DKA, Exilesa nd Total Solidarity by Oramics, Mala Herba released their debut LP "Demonologia" on  [aufnahme+wiedergabe]  in  January  2021, followed by a digital EP "Omnia Vanitas" with two remixes and twocovers on the same label.


Maanila de Moraes is a Vienna based Brasilian mixedmedia. Her art consists of audiovisual installations, animation, videos, illustration, screen prints, object design, videomapping, streetart, live visual performances and conceptual art. Maanila is a Co-Founder, member and artist of Luzy Dreams (Audio-visual Duo), subWEARsive, Persona Non Grata (Audiovisual Trio),
 Deadly Nightshade (Audiovisual Duo), Paranoironica (Audiovisual Duo) and Atac soundsystem.

MARIO Sinnhofer aka TOUCHED

Mario Sinnhofer aka Touched works in the intersections of performative art, social sculpture, genderbending, alpine folk culture, bodywork and transformative learning. This results in interventions in public spaces, installations/objects, dialogic art, interactive & immersive performances, as well as individual sessions, workshops and events. (Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Iceland and Australia).   
Currently there is particular research interest in a format to connect immersive performance, Tantric Touch and intersubjective we-spaces.