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Salon Souterrain: Tummies and Moods


25.11.2022, 18:00
Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab, Ehemalige Postsparkasse,Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Wien


Die Reihe Salon Souterrain zeigt den Wunsch, gemeinsame Räume für gegenseitigen Austausch und künstlerische Produktion zu schaffen. Ziel ist es, Möglichkeiten der Debatte zu eröffnen, thematische und nomadische Begegnungen anzubieten, um soziale Fragen in einem künstlerischen Format zu diskutieren.



How do we eat and do we eat each other? How and what to feed our semiotics bodies biologically caught in a predatory economy (the human species does not survive through photosynthesis like plants) but also in the fantasms and ravages of the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries? Our microbiota seem to reflect the planet’s inflammation, ocean’s acidity, and deforestation. What do the bacteria, fungi, viruses (allies and not) but also residues of pesticides and fertilizers in our intestines do to our "feel-thinking"? Can we still hear the song of the bacteria, their calls according to the needs of our tummies and brains and those of the planet? Sexuality and food circulate in the same areas of our bodies, sharing them with the flows of desire and language. Is what we make for and with food caught and how in the paradoxes of our ambivalences as with sex, desire and language? Food and words, love and poison, pharmakon… Don't we need new "manières de table", as human or civilized as those practiced socially by other animal species and many other peoples long called primitive? Kitchens of care, repair and collaboration, cuisines for intertwined lives and their common survival?

panel: Oscarine Bosquet (writer, coordinator of the art master "forms of life and life of forms "/école européenne supérieure d’arts de Bretagne) // Prof. Dr. Silvia Bulgheresi (Functional and Evolutionary Ecology/University of Vienna) // Prof. Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (Professor for Macroeconomics/ WU Vienna)// Mag. Alexandra Graupner (AIL) // Dr. Helga Klug (Psychoanalyst)// Univ.Prof. Dr. Klaus Spiess (Arts and Science program/Medical University Vienna)
artists: Khya Derain/Yomki (Video)//Klaus Spiess (Art& Science)// Lucie Strecker (artist/curator HOLOBIANT) //Julia Schwarz, Simiæn (Food designer) // Felix Vidensky (food performance/tasting)// Michael Kalivoda/Monika Strasser (food performance/tasting)
performance: Sugar Pa & Hummel (dance)// Denise VanDeCruze (Poery)
music: Mara Achleitner (cello) / Lena Fankhauser (viola) / Wolfgang Seierl (composer-electronic) // DJ Universal Beatnik
team: Elisabeth B. Tambwe (artistic direction) // Indra Jäger (production) // Lena Fankhauser (curator classical music) // Benoît Jouan (research) // David Pujadas Bosch (video) // Lolek Zissou (production on set) // Francois Tambwe (online communication)// Tim Wikkerink (graphic design)
Team dressed by Goran Bugaric
In cooperation with AIL, Migrating kitchen, Chamber Music & Chateau Rouge
With friendly support by BMKÖS Bundesministerium für Kunst Kultur öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
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