Smashing Wor(l)ds: Open Call Artistic Residency

open call to participate in artistic residency
Smashing Wor(l)ds
Cultural Practices for re/Imagining & un/Learning Vocabularies
Deadline: 28.09.2020

The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw is devoting its long-standing residency programme to our collaborative project Smashing Wor(l)ds. 
For the first time, in connection with the current pandemic, the residency can either be a monthly stay in Warsaw, Poland, or can be carried out online.

  • Objective
    • Focusing on the study of verbal and visual dictionaries of cultural institutions, the residency will be devoted to research, practice and action on how to disarm violent mental, linguistic, and communicative constructions in the field of art, or to create new ones.The process of unlearning and transforming vocabularies can draw on various manifestations of culture, such as conversation, cooking, fashion, activism and its digital forms, informal education and art. We are interested in practices that enrich the institutions dictionaries  group practices and non-hegemonic knowledge systems  whether concerning Polish or general European contexts.
  • What kind of projects?
    • This residency, which takes place at the onset of the project, will serve as findings shared and at specifying further artistic activities. It is a research-based residency, rather than being production-oriented, though the collaboration can be developed to an artwork commission where possible.
    • We will support practices based on various forms of expression, for example: performance, language, visual arts, body, video and audio, text, voice, literature and translation. These may function online and be based on encoding of new and decoding of existing content and formats. Special attention will be paid to works envisioned as intervention via the internet, not only the online representation of pre-existing forms.
    • We will support practices that recognise and counteract communicational oppression, those that celebrate creative forms of communication (not exclusively verbal), as well as communication resulting from the experiences of various environments that, in its online form, can reach beyond local networks of interaction and solidarity.
  • For whom
    • There are two month-long residency slots available for artists, activists, academics, collectives, theorists, organisers and curators; people working at the interface of art, education and activism; people living anywhere in the world.
  • When
    • 9 November 2020  9 December 2020
    • One month online or offline stay in Warsaw.
    • This is residency  #1 (of a total three residencies to be offered as part of this project).
  • What can be offered
    •   fee of 1200 EUR;
    •   full accommodation in Warsaw, in the Ujazdowski Castle;
    •  up to €300 in travel expenses to and from Warsaw;
    •  an official invitation for visa purposes;
    •  free access to Ujazdowskis exhibitons and programmes, including the November film programme accompanying the project entitled Decolonising the Screen;
    •  the dissemination of the residents work in written form or a podcast or a commissioned display as part of the project;
    •  where possible, admission to the programmes of our partner institutions in this project;
    •  curatorial and organisational support in research, connecting with the relevant milieus in Warsaw, as well as a readiness to discuss and look after the resident's work.
    • Please refer to the website to find out more about residencies:

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