Médicos Cubanos © Ani Ganzala

#voicesfrom: Ani Ganzala, Brasilien

Art Work and Text

Ani Ganzalas reflection on the current Covid-19 Situation in Brazil

I made this illustration as a contribution to what we are feeling,
as a Black artist, stud and mother from the Northeast of Brazil,
and to show how this situation has affected us as a community,
where all the lines of oppression become even more evident and raw.

Is this your first experience with a lethal threat to your own existence?
For some people, it's the worst time of their lives.
For many others, the survivors, the condemned of the earth, things have been fatal for centuries. 
And then the system breaks down, scarcity invades the homes of those who have little, and compulsory house arrest becomes the new regime of control, all for health and general wellbeing, while militarism has been silently stealing the sun...

The abUSE of electronic devices,
Is it the 4th industrial revolution? 
Are we in a silent biological war?
Will the quarantine end? 
Will our people survive this necropolitics? 
Paranoia and fear spread faster than Covid 19. 
Which of these viruses will we survive?
Cuban doctors should be the patrimony of humanity.
It takes more courage to love than to war.

Ani Ganzala
is a black Brazilian artist and activist as well as a self-taught painter, illustrator and graffiti artist.

COVID-19 currently has us all in its grip. We will therefor mainly use our contacts and share reports on the situation of people living in countries that are sidelined in the media and which, as it often does, are rarely heard or seen. We will also do it because people in low-income countries will be hit hardest by the pandemic!

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