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The quarantine period, since its inception, was full of persecution and slander against the queer people in social media and in real life.


Quarantine and isolation for a many Queer Persons it was all year around, it's not new for some us.

Because the street and social spaces for none-normative individuals have always been a threat, a HOGRA*, an injustice and discrimination, marginally varies between one person to another, but we all experienced that . And we have learned mechanisms to protect ourselves, one of the them is isolation.

This matters as more and more, causing the worsening conditions of the Queers, in different angles of our lives.

Socialy: what push us to isolation is punishment, persecution, cruelty, exclusion, physical and moral abuse from society and from the family. Something that leaving us after times we find ourselves in the margins.

Economically and Institutionally: First of all, the crisis manifests itself in educational institutions, where we are exposed to violence, bullying, and injustice by students and teachers. They underestimate our value due to our gender expressions and our actions, that's push a group of teenagers to abandon their academic path and lose confidence on theirselves among their abilities, in labor institutions, the cruelty of homotransphobia is not less, trans people, face many obstacles and difficulty in finding work, due to a number of reasons, including the incompatibility of their shape with the identity in the broadcasting papers, or because society, employers and companies discriminate them.

Politically: it is manifested in hate speech, incitement, and a lack of laws that protect queers and trans , and laws that contribute to preserving our dignity.

Thus isolation and depression are shelters for many of us, and what is terrifying is if persecution and violence are within that isolation of choice, as they live with their violent families who are not supportive.

The quarantine period, since its inception, was full of persecution and slander against the queer people in social media and in real life, the main event was the defamation of meeting applications that moroccan queer people use, by a moroccan public figure, that they directed their viewers to download the applications, and check if their neighbours, members of family are queer, more than 100.000 viewers watched the live in their instagram, some people downloaded the application and start to show pictures of queer people in social medias, this event has taken a large space and it’s explained by homotransphobia that the moroccan society is feeded with.This had severe consequences for queer people. Appointment, some people were expelled from their homes and displaced during the period of detention, and some people who lived with their families were subjected to psychological terror during this period because they were unable to do anything if they were defamed, also due to this defamation, a queer person committed suicide in Rabat, artist In his ascendant *AN* he was defamed by one of the well-known pages and when he went to the police station to report upon his defamation, they were accused of violating the health emergency and insulted an employee instead of taking his rights, but at a later time, and thanks to national and international solidarity campaigns with him, The owner of the page is punished for whoever defamed it.

Then there is another new case that has again caused massive and violent hate campaigns against Queer people. When *AM* spoke about the incident of a well-known journalist and opponent of the state in an attempt to rape and indecent assault,As a result, the survivor was summoned to the police station, in order to take his statement, after which the journalist was arrested and other hatred campaigns were launched against queer community and the survivor in particular.

The health emergency prompted homotransphobe people to focus their energy, hatred, incitement, and cyber terrorism against the Queer community, and it was a difficult period for the Queers and still is.

Moroccan Queer artists  who live in Morocco, they are less visible and they lack support, which make them in crisis. More than 3 months, the stagnation of the economic activities, and the absence of any cultural artistic events, it is for us as queer artists a disaster with distinction. what worries queer artists living in morocco  is that they need to fit in digital art world but they are faced with waves of homotransphobia and queerphobia and an economic crisis.

These things make us feel anger excessively, and the catastrophic conditions remained, and we must do our best to bash, expose this systematic HOGRA* and fight for the sake of our stolen rights, and we also support Queer community, through the means and methods that we choosed to resist and fight with, which is art that remains one of those strong means of resistance that match the strength, support, and love through it. WE GOING TO LIVE OUR DREAM, and contribute to its realization, and all the love, strength and support for activists, who carry an existential and political cause wherever they are.


HOGRA*: contempt injustice humiliation and abuse of power, all citizens know it, either by having experienced it themselves, observed it or worse.


Collective SAQFE- سقف