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comedy, concerts, DJ Line, performances, party
Fr., 21./Sa., 22. Oktober 2022
Kulturhaus Brotfabrik
Absberggasse 27, Stiege 3, 1100 Wien

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Eco-friendly, cool, diverse & if necessary perverse

With Satans Bratan, Faris Cuchi, Walter Xenia Ego, Gazal, Izraa, Seba Kayan, Myassa Kraitt, Martha Laschkolnig, Candy Licious, Cagri Özyürek, Mila Panić, Negin Rezaie, Nicholas Denzel Sambou, Sourap, Lux Venérea, Wurstaufschnitt, DJ Zola, as well as a clay, painting and printing workshop, a meme workshop by Anahita Neghabat and a waste free cooking and eating experience by Caritas Community Cooking.

Entry: pay as you wish!

CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH wants to contribute to a better life for everyone living or surviving in a post migrant, post nazi society of climate crisis, inflation, animal human cohabitation, war state and struggles for different worlds. Sound overwhelming? Don't worry because CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH does this with style! So, stay cool, f* cliches that make you unhappy, wear glitter plastic slippers with fake fur, a Gnucci bag and come to Kulturhaus Brotfabrik! 

An event by Kulturen in Bewegung, co-curated by the Forum team (Asma Aiad, Petz Haselmayer, Ivana Marjanović, Negin Rezaie) and in cooperation with Kulturhaus Brotfabrik.


21.10.& 22.10. Kulturhaus Brotfabrik

Friday, 21.10.22, 19:00 – 24:00
19:00 Welcome & Moderation (Forum & Faris Cuchi)
19:15 Stand-Up Comedy: Satans Bratan
19:30 Stand-Up Comedy: Wurstaufschnitt
19:45 Stand-Up Comedy: Mila Panić
20:00 Stand-Up Comedy: Lux Venérea
20:30 Fem*Friday Konzert: Gazal
21:15 Fem*Friday Konzert: Izraa
21:45 Fem*Friday Artist Talk
22:00 Fem*Friday DJ Line: DJ Zola
23:30 Karaoke

Saturday, 22.10.22, 11:00 - 22:30
11:00 Open Atelier with clay, painting and printing workshop
14:00 Waste free cooking - A cooking experience with Caritas Community Cooking
16:00 Lalala - childrens program - Clown: Martha Laschkolnig
17:00 Lalala - childrens program - Lesung: Candy Licious
16:00 Meme Workshop with Anahita Neghabat
17:00 Waste free cooking - An eating experience by Caritas Community Cooking
18:00 Performance: Negin Rezaie
19:30 Moderation: Myassa Kraitt aka Shakrya
20:00 Roasting the process: Walter Xenia Ego
20:30 Culture x Change: Carpet Concert by Seba Kayan with Cagri Özyürek, Sourap and Nicholas Denzel Sambou - Electronic & Instruments & Performance
22:00 end


Background story (why this event):

Cliches are strange things that we can't really completely get rid of. They can be trashy and funny ways of surviving everyday while mocking ourselves and others. But, they can also hurt and create hierarchies (which gets on our nerves). Walking on the line of humor between jokes and (self) irony is like walking on a very thin ice. But who laughs about whom, and how does class and other forms of belonging affect our sense of humor?

What happens when cliches become fashionable (yesterday everyone was making jokes about “Yugos” in their sweatpants, now every second person is wearing them!) At the same time, making comedy is a daring cultural practice that shakes our standards, can cause “cultural wars”, and at its best, transforms us into somewhat more solidary persons. 
Join in an exploration of comedy, humor and pleasure activism!